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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Star City Primer Part One

So...the Hokies lost again lost night in hoops. Has been a pretty damn hard season for us, lots of off the court problems really hurting the team. (washington post has a good article on that here.) Anyway, we'll be lucky to make the NIT at this rate.

Thought I would make a list of my favorite things in and around my fair city of Roanoke. The city was once called Big Lick, something that I wish continued to this day. Imagine the possibilities for a town with that name. Roanoke pretty much was a little piece of crap town until the Norfolk and Western Railroad connected with the Shenandoah RR here in the 1880's. Now, its a slightly bigger piece of crap town. Seriously, I do like the Noke and there are some great things about this place. In the first installment of a periodic series, here are some of the highlights for all of you passing through on Interstate 81 (the worst road in America):

Mill Mountain Star: On top of Mill Mountain (obviously), this is where local teens go to smoke pot and make out. Panoramic version of the entire city except in the summer when it is so humid, you can't make out anything below. Largest man made star in the world (was there a contest for this?) and can light up seven different colors. Supposedly back in the day it was lit red when there was a drunk driving fatality. Pretty morbid, if true. These days it is red, white and blue all the time to scare Osama and his minions

Victory Stadium: I'm writing a paper for a conference on this stadium, which is the #1 local issues in the Noke. Will they or won't they tear it down? They just played high school football games in it this fall despite the fact that it is condemned. It also is in the floodplain for the Roanoke River, as you can see from this picture. Virginia Tech and VMI used to play games there back in the day, one reason why local yokels seem hell bent on saving the thing.


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