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Monday, February 13, 2006

Thoughts after a week of not posting

So, it has been a while since I wrote anything on here. It has been a hectic week here in the wife's birthday is tomorrow, going to a wedding on the weekend, working on revising the dissertation, starting a new article for a conference in Montreal, teaching two new time to do much of anything else, even cut my hair which is getting way too long and approaching mullet status. Right now, it looks kind of like James Spader's hair circa Some Kind of Wonderful.

Some thoughts that have been mulling around in my head of recent:
  • The biathalon is a fascinating bit of sports theatre. Any sport that combines skiing and guns is alright by me. I did not buy, however, the claim by the idiot NBC announcer the other day that it got the highest TV ratings of any sport in Europe...any empirical data to support this, Mr. Ted Robinson? Call me crazy but I imagine the Portuguese and the Greeks care not a bit about Finnish biathaloners in general. I could go on a rant about how it fits America's anti-soccer tendencies, but I will save that for another day.
  • Speaking of the beautiful game, good match by the US v a strong Japanese side in SF on Friday night. My current 23 is the same as the one after the Norway match except that I now have Todd Dunivant in and Pat Noonan in. I am now getting rid of Greg Berhalter and Josh Wolff, though O'Brien's place on the side is contingent on his health (he's never fit). In the EPL, Chelsea lost 3-0 to crappy Boro. I hate Chelsea with the flame of a 1000 suns. The right wing, fascist club of London owned by a billionaire Russian oil baron...they are as evil as it gets.
  • My wife and I are currently obsessed with grifter tales, both on TV and film. We're big into the AMC/BBC show Hustle, loved the grifter/Sawyer back story thread on Lost last week, and watched The Sting on Sunday night. Anyone interested in getting a crew together to get some long cons going? Let me know and send along your skills that might be useful to a serious crew. We're only going after rich ass Republicans.
  • Finally saw Walk the Line yesterday. Loved it and have had Ring of Fire in my head all day. Gotta say, that Reese Witherspoon can act. She's in one of my top five high school movies (Election) and was just brilliant as June Carter Cash. She got the SW Virginia twang down pat, ala the Carter Family from down Bristol town way.
  • is in the midst of retooling their business model to a subscription service. Good luck to 'em, I like the station. Too bad I'm poor and am trying to adopt a child or I would join myself. As is, I am foolishly squandering funds on food and shelter at the moment.
Anyway, ciao for now.


  • "Chelsea lost 3-0 to crappy Boro. I hate Chelsea with the flame of a 1000 suns. The right wing, fascist club of London owned by a billionaire Russian oil baron...they are as evil as it gets."

    Along with the horrendous Man U, you forgot to add. What is odd about all the Russian oil money is that people are going to forget how horrifically mediocre Chelsea were for so long, and how they pretended to be a big club despite having very little to show for it. I used to go to see Norwich (sigh; we are such a pathetic club) at Stamford Bridge in the early nineties. Not only was the stadium horrific, our afternoon of leisure was always accompanied by a phalanx of riot police to keep the Chelsea fans away from our tender throats/gonads. Chelsea is so sociopathic an organization its no wonder that all the politicians support them. Plus there is the whole "Chelsea, Kings Road, la-di-dah swingling London" crap. They are based in shitty Fulham and don't let anyone else suggest differently.

    Don't mind me, by the way, just a pal of Listmaker's who shares your contempt for the Blues.

    By Blogger weasel, at 6:03 PM  

  • just wondering what your thoughts after a month of not posting are? we want more jb!

    By Blogger Listmaker, at 2:21 PM  

  • make sure you catch HEX when it starts on BBC America.

    By Blogger Marc, at 2:34 PM  

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